Monday, 31 October 2016

New opposition for Leadonites

With Leadonites U14s due to take on Team Gloster Jets (from Cirencester, Gloucestershire) and Bristol Flyers this will be the first encounters with these clubs at any age level. These will be new opposition numbers 10 and 11.

The full list of clubs played so far is....
- Malvern Hills Buzzards 
- Worcester Wolves 
- Gloucester Saxons (formerly Gloucester Blazers)
- Frankley Falcons
- Newport
- North Somerset Stars
- Bristol Storm (Girls)
- Bournville
- Worcester Bears

Team Gloster Jet play out of Cirencester and have teams playing at National League South West Regional level at U16s and U18s.

Bristol Flyers have teams ranging from their U12s all the way up to their men's first team who play professionally in the British Basketball League (BBL).

GLOZBALL U14s CVL - Fixtures announced


Saturday, 5th November 2016
(arrive at the venue by 11:30am)
VENUE ADDRESS: Gloucestershire College. Llanthony Road, Gloucester, GL2 5JQ

(all matches will be 2 x 13-minute running clock halves)
11.45: Gloucester Saxons Vs Team Gloster Jets
12.25: Bristol Flyers II vs LEADONITES
13.05: Gloucester Saxons Vs LEADONITES
13.45: Bristol Flyers II vs Team Gloster Jets
14.25: Team Gloster Jets vs LEADONITES
15.05: Gloucester Saxons Vs Bristol Flyers II
Match subs: £3.00 each player
We will be playing in White.
- Kit will be issued on the day and taken back in at the end of the day.
Competition Specific Rules
- 1 timeout per half.
- Free throws will be 1 shot for value of shot awarded.
- Half time will be 1 minute long.
- Team fouls will be 7 per half.
- Man to man defence only.
- Any overtime will be golden basket, team fouls will apply and possession will be with the red possession arrow.
As this is a development tournament the organisers have adjusted the rules to make as much time as possible available to play.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Match Results from GLOZBALL U16s CVL

Match Results
Results from GLOZBALL U16s CVL played at Gloucestershire College (on Sunday, 23rd October 2016): -
- Newport 8 v 10 Leadonites 😀
- North Somerset Stars 16 v 12 Leadonites 🙁
- Gloucester Saxons 10 v 14 Leadonites 😀
- Worcester Wolves (U15s) 15 v 23 Leadonites 😀
Three wins from four matches and the first time any Leadonites team, of any age, has beaten a same age opponent. 🤗

Newport 8 - 10 Leadonites
  This was the first time that any Leadonites team has ever defeated a same age team. Leading 6-4 at half-time through baskets from Falicki, Davies and Hunter Leadonites had to come back from an 8-6 deficit to overcome their South Wales opponents with baskets from Tulloch and Holland.

North Somerset Stars 16 – 12 Leadonites
  With 5 minutes of the second half-remaining Leadonites led 12-10 with ten points from Tulloch and two from Falicki. But a couple of 50/50 decisions not going their way on offence with two baskets waved off coupled with three defensive lapses in concentration saw the Ledbury club slip to defeat.

Gloucester Saxons 10 – 14 Leadonites
  A first ever win, at any age level, for Leadonites over Gloucester. Baskets from Hunter and Moises Baltazar left the scores level at 6-6 at half-time. Leadonites took control in the second-half to out-score their hosts with baskets from Davies, Falicki and Stanley.

Worcester Wolves (U15s) 15 – 24 Leadonites

  Having played so well Leadonites left their worst performance of the day to last but still eased to victory against a younger and undermanned Wolves team. A match made difficult by Coach Chalkley not sending the players out in the right frame of mind and by the players starting slowly and making far too many basic errors such as needless fouls and travelling violations. Scorers: Tulloch, Falicki, Hunter, David and Moises Baltazar. 

The lads between matches


Match Report: Gloucester Saxons (U14s) 101 - 20 Leadonites (U14s)


Gloucester Saxons 101 – 20 Leadonites
(Played at Gloucestershire College on Saturday, 22nd October 2016)


The odds were stacked against the Leadonites team, with three U12s making up their squad plus a debutante, taking on a Saxons team who normally compete two levels higher. Ultimately Saxons were the taller, faster, more experienced and better drilled team and made it count.
  Leadonites were 36-0 down, in the second quarter, before scoring their first basket of the match! Leadonites scorers were:  Josh Spriggs (5 points) his first points in only his second match, Finlay Chalkley (12 points), Tom Smith (2 points) and team captain Mike French (1 point).

  This was a record defeat for any Leadonites team but the same boys will re-group and go back up against Saxons again in two weeks’ time, determined to compete better next time around.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Match Report: Frankley Falcons 49 Vs 53 Leadonites


A team made up of mainly U16s but also four players from the U14s travelled to Bourneville College in Longbridge, south Birmingham for this pre-season friendly. Although played as an U16s match both coaches added younger players to their rosters as a last chance to get some much needed game time ahead their respective league campaigns that start next weekend.

For the Leadonites Joshua Spriggs and Mark Lamando were making their debuts.

Despite a close end of match finish Leadonites were never behind  during the match with Kaisan Tulloch opening the scoring in the first minute. Further baskets from Kylop Holland, Thomas Davies (4 points), team captain Daniel Falicki and Fin Hunter (6 points) gave Leadonites a 16-10 lead at quarter-time. With each team missing two free-throw opportunities.

The Falcons chipped away at the deficit in the second quarter but their eight missed free-throws proved costly and allowed Leadonites to retain their lead at half-time, with two baskets apiece from Leo Stanley and Kaisan making it 24-20.

Thom, in foul trouble, was sat out of the third quarter by Coach C and the defensive duties were shared around the rest of the team with Kieran Rawle and Dan particularly effective. Despite scores from Leo (7 points) and the youngest member of the team Finlay Chalkley, eight unanswered points for Frankley pulled the scores level at 33-33 by the ninth minute. This sparked Leadonites back into action as the whites went on their own scoring spree with six points from Kaisan and another two for Fin leaving the three-quarter time score at 41-33 to Leadonites.

With the hosts chomping at the bit Coach C decided to put out the four travelling U14s players (Finlay, Alessio Miccio, Josh and Dylan Kitchin) on court to allow each to get their game time in. This was tempered with the addition of Kieran to give them some defensive backbone against the Falcons' final quarter onslaught. The five Leadonites fought well and another score from Finlay meant that Leadonites were still 4-points ahead when Coach C subbed in the older players at the three and a half minute mark and proceeded to rotate the same eight players in and out of the match.

The last five minutes became pulsating as Falcons ate into the Leadonites lead time and again only for the whites to edge out again. The fouls were mounting up on Leadonites with Dan and Thom each just one foul away from being fouled out of the game. Steady scores from Finlay, Thom (4 points) and Kaisan (4 points) took their points tally up to 51. Frankley squandered more free-throws, eight in total, which allowed Leadonites to keep their nose just about in the lead as the gap narrowed to just three-points with less than a minute remaining. Coach C's tactic of rotating Mark, Lewis Clark, and Fin in with the others to keep the final five on court fresh for the final minutes and to keep Thom and Dan from fouling out nearly back fired.

Falcons’ upped their offensive pressure and mistakes galore from both teams increased the tension still further. This came to a head when Dan was called for a foul on on a Falcons shooter at the edge of the 3-point arc and everyone held their breath in anticipation of what decision the referee would give. He gave two free-throws of which the Frankley player could only covert one to reduce the gap to just 2 points. 

Frankley were now in full-court press defence and the Leadonites players, never before in a match so close, were faltering. A defensive foul by Frankley in the Leadonites half gave Leadonites an inbound with eight seconds to go. The inbound was thrown across court without anyone touching it and thus the ball was taken back to the same spot for a Falcons inbound. Frantic defensive play by the Leadonites resulted in a stop and quick outbound pass to Leo who raced past two strand opponents to make the result safe with an uncontested lay-up with just 3 seconds of the match remaining.

End of match hand shakes from a very sporting Frankley Falcons


GLOZBALL U16s - Fixtures Schedule

Glozball U16s CVL - Sunday, 23rd October
10.10 - Gloucester Saxons Vs North Somerset Stars
10.40 - Newport Vs LEADONITES
11.10 - Gloucester Saxons Vs Worcester Wolves
11.40 - LEADONITES Vs North Somerset Stars
12.10 - Newport Vs Worcester Wolves
12.40 - Gloucester Saxons Vs LEADONITES
13.10 - Worcester Wolves Vs North Somerset Stars
13.40 - Gloucester saxons v Newport
14.10 - Newport v North SOMERSET STARS
14.40 - LEADONITES v Worcesters Wolves

Gloucestershire College, Llanthony Road, Gloucester, GL2 5JQ
Game Duration: 2 x 12-minute Running Clock halves
Free Throws: 1 Shot for the denomination of the value of the awarded shot. i.e: 1 shot for 1 point for an 'And one', 1 shot for 2-points, 1 shot for 3-points)
Duration of Half-time: 1 minute.
Time-outs Allowed: 1 per half (lasting a maximum of 30 seconds)
Personal Fouls: 4 personal fouls on one player means that player is ejected from the match
Team Fouls: 5 Team Fouls committed will result in the opposition shooting for .
Overtime: If a game end in a tie after regulation time then Golden Basket (First team to score) will be played. If still tied after 3 minutes then Possession from Jump-Ball will be used to determine the winner.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


GLOZBALL Central Venue League (CVL)
All matches are played at: -  Sports Hall at...
Gloucestershire College 
Gloucester Campus
Llanthony Road

NOTE: The car park is pay and display and costs about £4.00 - However, upon arrival at the venue, please check within the sports hall with our hosts to see if they are issuing 'Free to park slips' to place on your dashboard under the windscreen.

UNDER 12s (Cubs / years 6 & 7)
First match of day to tip-off at…
All finished by…
Saturday, 29th October 2016
Saturday, 19th November 2016
Saturday, 3rd December 2016

UNDER 14s (Juniors / years 8 & 9)
First match of day to tip-off at…
All finished by…
Saturday, 22nd October 2016
Saturday, 5th November 2016
Saturday, 10th December 2016
12 noon
12 noon
12 noon

UNDER 16s (Inters / years 10 & 11)
First match of day to tip-off at…
All finished by…
Sunday, 23rd October 2016
Sunday, 27th November 2016
Sunday, 18th December 2016 (TBC)

UNDER 18s (Seniors / years 12 & 13)

First match of day to tip-off at…
All finished by
Saturday, 13th November 2016
Saturday, TBC November 2016
Saturday, 18th December 2016 (TBC)

  • Court size: All matches, in all age group CVLs, will be played on full-sized courts.
  • Hoop height:  All matches, in all age group CVLs, will be played with 10ft high hoops.
  • Ball size: U12s will use a FIBA size 5 basketball. The U14s will use a FIBA size 6 basketball, the U16s and U18s will use a FIBA size 7 basketball.
  • Match Duration: The duration of each match will be depend upon the number of teams playing on the day of that date's particular CVL competition. The aim is for each team to play as many games and for as much basketball to be played as possible.
  • Each CVL is intended to be between at least 3 teams playing a round robin format.