Sunday, 17 September 2017

Head Coach's Email - Re: Thursday Training Sessions

The following email was sent out to the parents of all players who train in the Thursday night JUNIORS and INTERS training sessions @ 23:02 on Thursday, 14th September 2017.

Thursday Night Training


After some parents have raised concerns over safety and fairness regarding how we run the Thursday night training sessions for the Juniors followed by the Inters we will be reverting back to the Inters training from 8:30pm. This will be rather than the merged court use we have been running; it was an experiment but it hasn't worked as well as I had hoped it would.

To the parents of the Juniors I apologise for how sessions must have appeared and to the Inters players I apologise for cutting your training time back to 60 minutes.

Please note that I can do nothing with regard to the table tennis that has use of a quarter of the sports hall until 7:30pm, however, if some parents were able to help we could clear this area quicker for us to have full use of the court sooner.

Can I remind parents that extra training (at no additional cost) is available as follows...
- Year 10s can train with the Seniors late session on Tuesday night.
- Year 8s and Year 9s can train (half-court) on Wednesday nights
- Year 7s (and some Year 8s) can train with the Cubs early on Tuesday night.

Finally, to the parents of the Juniors players, please ask your sons not to recruit any more players for the Thursday night session. Although we still have space for more within our insurance cover the quality of training will suffer with more bodies on court and it will become difficult for me to find matches for everyone to play in.

If you have comments or additional concerns then please contact me.

(Dean, can you forward this onto anyone you can spot that I have missed from the Juniors or Inters)