Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Behaviour - Ground Rules (Quick Guide)

Leadonites Players.
Please bear in mind that if Halo Leisure decide to ban Leadonites Basketball from their facilities then the club ceases to exist pretty much immediately as there is simply nowhere else to train in Ledbury. I will not let any individual wreck this for everyone else...
1. Simply behave yourself - Each of you represent both me and the club with your actions. Anyone causing damage, undue disruption, injury or harm to any equipment, fixtures and fittings or other users of the Leisure Centre will receive a warning with regard to future conduct and, where serious enough, will be banned from Leadonites Basketball.
2. Please do NOT arrive at the leisure Centre any earlier than 15 minutes before your training session is due to start - unless this has been first cleared with myself.
3. Please arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to your training session.
4. Strictly NO bouncing, throwing or juggling of basketballs in the entrance/foyer area of the Leisure Centre.
5. When entering the sports hall and there is another Leadonites training session already in progress please respect that session by sitting down on the benches provided, not playing with any basketballs and keeping the noise level low.
6. Players who turn up but are not taking part in a training session must not start playing with basketballs or shooting into the hoops at any time as this is disruptive to those training and to any coaching that is going on.
7. To those that are training, when a coach blows a whistle or calls stop (or similar) then stop bouncing basketballs, stop shooting and stop talking and look into the coach or, if signalled by the coach to do so, move to the coaches position. This applies where we have assistant coaches and any guest coaches that we are able to bring in involved in Leadonites training sessions.
We are starting to build a good and locally respected club, let's keep it that way.
Matthew Chalkley

Coach – Leadonites Basketball